Gentle Knife issued 2 studio albums and appeared on 3 compilation CDs:

Clock Unwound (2017)

Album 2: Clock Unwound (released June 15 2017)

The relentless passage of time is the main theme of Gentle Knife’s 2nd album, Clock Unwound, which delves into lives overshadowed by longing and disappointment. Plans go askew, lovers betray and dreams fade. Yet, as a sense of resignation descends upon a dystopic inner landscape, moments of beauty remain. Songs are epic in format, and play across a broad spectrum of emotions.


  1. Prelude: Incipit
  2. Clock Unwound
  3. Fade Away
  4. Smother
  5. Plans Askew
  6. Resignation

Gentle Knife (2015)

Album 1: Gentle Knife (2015)

The eponymous conceptual debut album Gentle Knife is an 8-part suite rooted in the classic rock concept album. Lyrical and foreboding – symphonic and urban. The album recounts the tale of an adventurer’s unfortunate demise in an alluring forest.


  1. Eventide
  2. Our Quiet Footsteps
  3. Remnants of Pride
  4. Tear Away the Cords That Bind
  5. Beneath The Waning Moon
  6. The Gentle Knife
  7. Impetus
  8. Epilogue: Locus Amoenus

Gentle Knife appeared on the following prog rock CD compilations:

Prog Magazine #82 (November 2017) – Classic Prog&Rock Bonus CD featuring: Von Hertzen Brothers, Galactic Cowboys, Kyros, Surgecore, Lifesigns, Bram Stoker Archives, Start Point, Chaometry, The Mighty Handful, Zeeley Moon.

Prog Magazine #64 (March 2016) – Classic Prog&Rock Bonus CD featuring: Headspace, Galahad, Gentle Knife, The Mighty Handful, Antimatter, Different Light, Progatom, Man Made Origin and a.P.A.t.T.

Profil CKIA FM 883 (2015) CD compilation Univers Progressif 4, on the occasion of their 1000th radio show, Canada.
CD featuring: Millenium, Gentle Knife, Grand Tour, Rick Miller, Fractal Mirror, Armonite, IZZ Drifting Sun, Progression By Failure and Seven Reizh.