Gentle Knife at a glance:
Astraea Antal – flutes, woodwinds and visuals
Pål Bjørseth – keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Odd Grønvold – basses
Thomas Hylland Eriksen – sax and woodwinds
Veronika Hørven Jensen – vocals (album 2)
Håkon Kavli – vocals, guitars
Eivind Lorentzen – guitars and synths
Charlotte Valstad Nielsen – saxophones
Ove Christian Owe – guitars
Melina Oz – vocals (album 1)
Ole Martin Svendsen – drums, percussion
Brian M. Talgo – samples, words, vocals, visions and artwork
Past members and additionals

Band bios:

Astraea Antal
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Astraea Antal. Photo:

Astraea Antal (’74) plays flutes, alto saxophone and various woodwinds.

Astraea did Gentle Knife’s videos and visuals, ensured the band’s presence in social media, and made costumes part of the game.

Current music engagements: The symphonic folk/prog rock duo Monument Alley, upcoming addition to Fatal Fusion‘s 4rth album (2020), The Hurum Prog Rock Society, and various ephemeral bands and projects.

Pål (Paul) Bjørseth (’82) plays keyboards, trumpet, strings and various, and sings backing-vocals.

Pål’s attention on composition, as well as his live energy, left a significant mark on Gentle Knife’s work. Pål designed the band’s website.

Pål has broad experience from folk music groups, classical wind orchestras and rock bands. Other musical engagements: Pål can be heard on Mythopoeic Mind’s debut album Mythopoetry (2018), and is also expected on the follow-up. Pål plays with Skjold Nesttun.

Pål Bjørseth
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Pål Bjørseth. Photo:

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Photo: Terje Embla.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen (’62) plays tenor saxophone, clarinet and other woodwinds.

Thomas has a long relationship with jazz and prog, and has played with several jazz and prog bands, including Panzerpappa.

Thomas is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway, and a profiled author of columns, essays and books.

Odd Grønvold (’62) plays various basses, inspired by jazz rock musicians.

Current musical engagements: Odd also plays in the jazz/blues/funk/pop-band Dr. Øbak, and in various cabaret and musical troups. Active member of his local artist forum, and occational contributor to public charity concerts.

Odd Grønvold
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Odd Grønvold. Photo: Vidar Jensen.

Veronika Hørven Jensen
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Veronika Hørven Jensen. Photo:

Veronika Hørven Jensen (’92) is lead female vocalist on Gentle Knife’s 2nd album Clock Unwound.

Other engagements: Veronika sang with a 70’s influenced rock band in 2014 before Gentle Knife. Her debut novel ‘Alan’ was released in 2012. Sample her literary work here.

Håkon Kavli (’72) plays electric and acoustic guitars and is the lead male vocalist on Gentle Knife’s two albums.

His musical background ranges from prog metal to folk-rock.

Håkon Kavli
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Håkon Kavli. Photo:

Eivind Lorentzen
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Eivind Lorentzen. Photo:

Eivind Lorentzen (’66) plays classical and electric guitars, and synths.

Previous bands and other recordings include SynsbedragerneK and various session work.

Charlotte Valstad Nielsen (’69) plays saxophones.

Charlotte’s musical background consists of a wide range of styles and projects. Earlier band projects include Lüstgas and Kawa 2000.

Charlotte Valstad Nielsen
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Charlotte Valstad Nielsen. Photo:

Ove Christian Owe
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Ove Christian Owe. Photo:

Ove Christian Owe (’72) plays electric guitars.

Ove Christian has a penchant for heavy music and only very reluctantly uses the major key, believing that different minor scales will get most of the job done.

Melina Oz is lead female vocalist on Gentle Knife’s debut album, and sang on the release concert on May 2nd 2015.

Current musical engagements: Melina’s vocals and guitars can be heard in her indie-rock band Up Against the Phantom (Leave me Innocent, 2016 and Trieste, 2019) and the metal band Mary By Force (Water Music, 2017).

Melina Oz. Photo: M.Ihler, Up Against The Phantom

Ole Martin Svendsen
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Ole Martin Svendsen. Photo: Vidar Jensen

Ole Martin Svendsen (’76) plays drums and percussion.

Ole Martin has played in various types of bands and dipped into many genres.

Current engagements: The debut album from the progressive rock group Taskaha (Formerly known as Vinslöv) is expected August 28 2020.

Brian M. Talgo (’54) played Gentle Knife’s mellotron samples, and recited the text on Resignation on Gentle Knife’s 2nd album Clock Unwound. Additional contributions to the band included lyrics and artwork.

Brian is a painter, photographer and writer. Currently working on part 2 of a historic novel trilogy – The Lost Viking Saga.
Read more about Brian’s many projects here.
Sample his ambient/electronic music on SoundCloud here.

Brian M. Talgo
@Night of the Prog-Loreley XIII 2018.
Photo: Bert Treep.

Brian M. Talgo. Photo: Vidar Jensen

Gratitude to the band’s additionals:

  • Ole Michael Bjørndal played additional guitars on our debut album on Eventide, Tear Away the Cords that Bind, Beneath the Waning Moon, The Gentle Knife and Coda: Impetus. He also joined the band on stage live in Jan 2016. Ole Michael’s guitars can also be heard in Oak.
  • Astrid Lenvik contributed additional lyrics on the debut album, on Eventide and Remnants of Pride. 
  • Marte Heggelund sang with the band on three concerts Oct 2015-Jan 2016.
  • Øivind Hånæs played organ on Epilogue: Locus Amoenus on the debut album.

The Gentle Knife Story