The art of Brian M. Talgo

Brian M. Talgo’s artwork was an integral visual trigger for the band. His art illustrates the booklets of Gentle Knife’s 2 studio albums, and followed the band on Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube – and on live gigs.

Quietus, gracing the cover of the 1st album Gentle Knife, was painted in 1988.
Lunar Clock, adorning the cover of the 2nd album Clock Unwound, was painted in 2009.

Quietus (1998) – Gentle Knife (2015)

Lunar Clock (2009) - Clock Unwound (2017)

Lunar Clock (2009) – Clock Unwound (2017)

Brian M. Talgo:

Brian was born and grew up in the United States, and landed in Norway in 1981. His art has been exhibited in both the United States and Norway, and has appeared on book and album covers. He was elected festival artist for the We Låve Rock prog and rock festival in Norway May 2017. In addition to painting and drawing, Brian’s creative endeavours include photography and writing.

While his paintings often take a colorful and dramatic direction, the photographs are generally of a more subtle and quiet nature.

Brian is a self-taught artist. For the 40 past years he has worked with various media including acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, color pencil and “found art”. One of his earliest inspirations was album-illustrator Roger Dean, whose fanciful cover art was a perfect intersection of interests in both painting and progressive rock. Contributing his art to Gentle Knife collective fulfilled a lifelong wish to combine art and music.

For a set of 5 of Brian M. Talgo’s prog art posters, signed, send an e-mail to Brian M. Talgo.

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